Yoga by the Magnolia

A poem by Catriona Noble, inspired by her newfound daily yoga practice.

A poem that came out one morning

Inspired by a few friends who posted their poetry, so I thought I’d share.

Starting a daily yoga practice has been one of the biggest lockdown gifts for me 🌸 


Yoga by the Magnolia

Pale pink buds have burst open on the Magnolia.

It only blossoms for a few April weeks.

I sit on my purple mat

And drink it in.

Sun-warmth on my face,

Wind-chill on my bare toes.

Hens chatter and scratch the earth,

Pigeons coo, and a handful of other garden birds whose names I don’t know sing their songs.

My head lists all the Things I Will Do After This:

Wash the windows, mop the floor, weed the garden, find out the names of those birds, take steps to Achieve My Goals.

Our black dog lies down on the grass beside me and sighs.

Soon I will stretch out my body

And move and breathe with it all.