Feeling a bit anxious or stressed? We’re all right there with you. Click the image to see a list of resources, ideas, techniques and support. From meditation and breathing techniques, to exercise and practical ideas to feel better, we hope you’ll find something useful here. Remember that we are sharing positive stories on our Facebook page to counter the relentless news about you-know-what. 

For kids


The young people in your home will need entertained to such an extent that you might find yourself running out of ideas! In here you will find links to games, learning activities, tips and tricks, and anything else we can find that might keep them occupied and away from the gogglebox.   



Listening resources like podcasts and audiobooks, virtual cultural tours, cool apps and weird things that will give you an alterative to the Netflix production line. There are also links to more free ebooks than you could ever read, links to live concerts and creative tools aplenty;  a perfect chance to discover new things. 



Online learning is easy to put off and challenging to stick to, but maybe less so at the moment! From certified and accredited courses to short bursts of fun learning, why not use this time to enrich your skills and knowledge, and perhaps even change career on the other side!