A picture of a thousand words

Calea Souter lets a photo tell the story of a moment in her daughter's life.

It was a moment…

a low ebb in an otherwise enjoyable family 5km run.

The weather, the waterfront, and even the gentle wind in our sails set a beautiful scene. We often exercise together, and in this occasion, despite packing up the bikes for the kids – it was decided she would run with mum and dad (and Swift in his super-duper run buggy!). Iyla is no stranger to a 5km, or running in general. In fact she is good at it and tbh, never stops talking.

Tonight was different.

There was a slight edge to her attitude. She was tired, frustrated, irritable and in the mood to ‘Quit’

I see this picture and in a snapshot I see the struggle that a soon-to-be 7 year old is carrying on her shoulders. She doesn’t have the capacity to rationalise, or to verbalise exactly how she is feeling amidst this prolonged period of isolation. She’s lonely, she’s emotionally spent, she needs her friends, she needs school, 

she needs normality.

The road ahead is long, unpredictable, and rocky. We dont have all the answers, but we have each other. This picture reminds me that our children our fragile and we have to be conscious of how such drastic changes have affected their little souls

Pay attention to ‘the moments’. The moments that tell a story without a word being said. They may only be fleeting, but they are there. 

Our children need us more than ever.


Calea Souter

Is an Inverness-based Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and you can click to find out more on her instagram page at