Call for submissions!

An open call for submissions to Lovestream. Share your thoughts and voice with others!

Call for submissions!

This is an opportunity to explore and engage with all those many things we are feeling, thinking and experiencing right now. How has the situation felt for you? Has it produced a change in your life, or a new realisation? What are your thoughts on where we are headed now and how things might develop? Sometimes, things need to come out, and we want to provide that platform for you to share. 

Let it pour onto the page in whatever form you like; Art or poetry, storytelling or photography, rhyming or free form, long or short, funny or reflective. It can deal with the now, or the after or a combination, big picture, or just within your own four walls.

We highly recommend visiting our art gallery for some inspiration if you’re feeling stuck. This is open to absolutely anyone and everyone, whether you’ve never done anything like this before you’re a seasoned pro. 

A bit more info:

1. Submissions should include your name, but any information on why you produced it would be most helpful too!

2. We will publish materials as they come in. 

3. We will edit spelling and formatting where needed. Swearing is absolutely fine, but we may put a wee * here and there for the faint of heart. Please do express yourself.

4. Submissions are welcome in any language from those in the Highlands, though we would appreciate an English translation.

5. You can send us your submissions via the contact page or to

Thank you!